Joshua Deaner (b. 1976 Boston, MA) is an artist whose work is photographically based. He makes compositions, sometimes incorporating text, which are more fine art “stories” than traditional photographic prints. Deaner’s work has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums and is held in many private collections including the International Center of Photography and The George Eastman House.

Deaner graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology where he received his Associates Degree of Applied Arts and Sciences. In the winter of 1996, shortly after graduation, he moved to Matera, Italy. Over the course of the next year, Deaner made Lettora Curiosa. In 1999, he was awarded an Artist in Residence from the Hungarian Multicultural Center where he lived in Balatonfured, Hungary. 

 In 2000, Deaner had solo exhibitions at the Bernard Toale Gallery and at Louis Boston. Both shows were well received, especially at the Bernard Toale Gallery which featured an installation of 465 matted polaroids as well as various books and objects. The Boston Globe said of the exhibition, “Deaner’s subject matter isn’t the world, but the stray, spiraling paths he wanders as he watches the world.”  In 2004, he exhibited Heroic Offering in Tel Aviv, Israel which was described as “a small glimpse into his precious reality. Perhaps a frozen moment in a crazed dream.”

In 2008, Deaner returned to Italy, this time to Bologna. He created the project titled The Future of Darkness which explores the night. The beautiful dark images, shadows, and textures seem to wake up history.

More recently, Deaner completed a limited edition 350 page monograph entitled I Sell Fish. This project mixes fine-art photographs and writings and is a culmination of all his work to date.  In 2009 Blurb awarded this book first prize in the Fine Art book Category for international competition.

Currently, he lives and works in Providence, Rhode Island with his wife and son.